International School of Ministry Philippines

What is ISOM?

The ISOM is a 2yr, Video training Curriculum it is designed to assist local Pastors, anywhere, to disciple new converts and “Home Grow” their own leaders. It allows the Pastor to run his own school at his own venue and at his own pace.

  • Is a church based video training program
  • ISOM is complete; it includes a facilitator’s guide, video teachings, student work books, group discussion, home assignments and Exams!
  • All video teachings are bilingual. In the Philippines, English AND TAGALOG/CEBUANO/ILOCANO or Mandarin are available. A choice of English or Tagalog/CEBUANO/ILOCANO or Mandarin student notes are available.
  • ISOM is also available in the English only format, where the translation has been edited out. In this format we call it the ISOM Express.
  • 30+ World Known teachers teach on this exciting Curriculum:
    Dr. Jack Hayford; Dr. T.L. Osborn; Dr. Reinhard Bonnke;
    Rev. John Bevere; Dr. Joyce Meyer; Dr. Terry Law; Dr. A.R. Bernard; Dr. Ed Cole, just to mention a few.
  • ISOM is divided into 5 Trimesters and issues a Certificate in Biblical Studies for completing the first 3 Trimesters and a Diploma in Biblical Studies for completing all 5 Trimesters.
  • For those students who have completed Trimester 1 to 5 of the ISOM, can have their credits transferred and recognized by Christian Leadership University, Wagner Leadership Institute, they will issue an Associate Degree in Biblical studies and pave way for students to obtain their Bachelors to Doctorate. Some additional work is required by some.
  • ISOM respects Pastoral leadership and authority
  • Is cost effective and easy to implement.
  • Is a program where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.
  • Price starts at P700.00 per student, per trimester. Discount is available as student numbers increase. Solo students will be charged P4500.00 per trimester.


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