International School of Ministry Philippines



  • 10–15 students: P700 each student per trimester. Total cost T1 – T5 per student is P3500.00
  • 16-20 students: P650 each / P3250 total per student
  • 21 and above pay P600 each / P3000 total for the 2 yr diploma in Biblical studies

(Student Manuals, Administrators Guide and Video material are included for Tagalog, Ilokano & Cebuano Languages, no extra expenses for the church J)

  • The ISOM EXPRESS, English only version cost P8750.00 per trimester for the DVD set (DVD set comes from USA), and P1000.00 for every student.
  • Individuals wishing to go solo can do, just contact us for details.
  • For any additional notes that may be needed, there is a minimal charge to produce those.

The ISOM curriculum is sent, one trimester at a time, to your church or training venue, and is available in Video CD format, the ISOM EXPRESS is on DVD. Printed workbooks are supplied for each registered student. The set of video materials and the Administrators guide becomes property of the Church.

For the regular ISOM class Budget 1.5 hr per session:

  1. Start with praise and worship, 1 or 2 songs.. (10 min)
  2. Check student class attendance and their assignments from previous class.

(10 min)

  1. Watch video session followed by …. (55 min Regular) (only 30 mins for ISOM EXPRESS)
  2. group discussion (15 min)

This is typical if you are doing one session per meeting. Depending on your time available you can do more sessions in a single meeting, repeating # 3 & 4. You need to budget 1.5 hrs per session using the ISOM with translation and only 1 hr per session if you are using the ISOM EXPRESS. If you complete 3 viewing sessions a week, you can complete every Trimester in 10-12wks. Exams are given mid-term and at the end, or as you finish each subject. Develop your own unique style for your classes. A dress code and punctual starting times are recommended. Attendance for each class session needs to be recorded.

ISOM will:

  1. Provide a Certificate of Biblical Studies to each student who successfully completes Trimester 1 – 3. That is he/she scores a 60% average on the exams and maintains a 80% class attendance throughout.

ISOM BROCHURE-2014-sm_Page_062. Provide a Diploma in Biblical Studies to every student who successfully completes Trimesters 1 – 5.

ISOM BROCHURE-2014-sm_Page_09

ISOM now has a pathway to a Bachelors and Masters degree for those who have completed Trimester 1-5.

Contact us or visit our website for more information.

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