International School of Ministry Philippines



Transfer Credit & Licensing


  • Awards and Transfer of Coursework
    Various educational institutions grant credit for ISOM coursework. They grant non-government accredited Associates-level degrees issued under a religious-exempt status.
  • ISOM Diploma/Certificate Requirements
    60% total per trimester in order to receive the ISOM diploma/certificate If they fail an exam, they can retake it one time. Schools print their own dips and certs, but they MUST submit the grades at the end of tri 3 and tri 5. International schools- Must submit the grades on the excel spreadsheet (PDF) and submit the diploma request form when requesting diplomas and/or certificates.
  • Associate Degree Requirements
    All grades must be submitted by the facilitator. 60% on every course is required. They must submit the application and acknowledgement form (Filled out completely) – Located Here Submit payment (prices vary depending on location) – Located Here A high school diploma or GED is NOT required for the transfer degrees.
  • Bachelor Degree Requirements
    70% on every course per module. Schools must submit all grades at the end of all 5 modules. Must submit the application and acknowledgement form. Submit payment

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