International School of Ministry Philippines



1. Where do we go for to attend the ISOM classes?
      A. Your Church or any suitable meeting place becomes the venue.

2. Who can Enroll?
      A. Every willing believer. Our youngest graduate is 11yrs old, our oldest graduate is 93yrs old.

3. Who teaches the courses?
     A.  All teachers are on video. Students watch the video. All teachings are in English & Tagalog . Students have a choice between English or Tagalog student manuals.

4. Who facilitates the classes?
     A. The local pastor does. We want the pastor involved in raising up his next generation leaders. We will attend the first day of classes and orientate the students & the school director/pastor. For schools that are very far, we require a minimum of 10 schools to open in that area for our time there to be effective. However, just by following instructions in the Administrators’ Guide, one can easily to start by yourself.

5. Can the Pastor/Facilitator be a student at the same time.
     A. Yes, we require pastor/facilitator to preview the video materials before watching it again with the other students. The video is the teacher, not the pastor.

6. What must I as pastor do?
      A. Recruit students from your congregation, arrange a venue, TV & VCD-player. Set a starting date. Facilitate the class discussions, check home assignments and administrate the Exams. Report school progress and Exam grades to us.

7. What is included?
      A. For each trimester, you’ll be supplied with student manuals and a set of 32 vcd’s. ISOM EXPRESS is on 4 to 5 DVD’s per Trimester. You will also receive the Administrators’ Guide, Certificates and Diploma’s.

8. Who gets the videos?
      A. The VCD/DVD set becomes property of the Church. Students only receive student manuals.

For any other questions please do not hesitate to call, txt or e-mail us:


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