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Pathway to a Bachelors Degree

Testimonies worldwide from ISOM students and schools have been staggering. The original 5 Trimesters (now the ISOM Core) continue to strengthen and grow the Body of Christ in many languages and nations, and new Regional Centers representing ISOM open nearly every month. The vision to turn churches into training centers, and then into church-planting centers, is taking root across denominations, church movements, and even people groups.

With this success, and with tens of thousands of ISOM students who have now graduated from the ISOM Core, many have asked for more revelation teaching that will help them deepen their faith. It is this demand, coupled with a mandate from God to mature His Church that has compelled us to develop new materials beyond the original ISOM Core.

Pathway to a Bachelors Degree Program

Over the last few years, ISOM has recorded more than 100 new sessions of material, plus we have partnered with other key equipping ministries to bring 9 new Modules of material into our ISOM lineup. Each new module has been designed with a similar structure and layout as our original five ISOM Core Trimesters. These new 32-session Modules may be similar structurally for ease of use, but are different from the original ISOM Core in that many of them explore a specific area of ministry, or are the teachings of a single ministry leader.

These new Modules, in conjunction with partnering ministries and training institutions, provide ISOM graduates worldwide with a Pathway to a Bachelor’s degree, and a means to lay hold of their calling in a new and practical way.

Participating in the Program

We encourage any ISOM school or individual student to complete the Pathway to the Bachelors Program.

Pathway to a Bachelors requirements:

  1. Completion of the ISOM Core (Tri. 1-5).
  2. Completion of an additional 5 Modules.
  3. Submission of all fees, grades and degree requests to ISOM’s  office.


Ministry Module-Cat-new IMG_20150831_200117You need to take:



Plus any 5 of the following:


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